The 1.2 Fund is a recognised professional mutual fund under the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Mutual Funds Act 1996 and is an International Business Company incorporated under the laws of the BVI.

The BVI is a British Crown Colony and a major offshore jurisdiction offering investment companies and mutual funds a tax-free environment together with strict laws that guarantee client confidentiality. It is also a regulated jurisdiction, operating internationally recognised anti-money laundering and Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) conventions. The BVI is a member of the Caribbean Financial Actions Task Force (CFATF), a subsidiary of the European FATF and has enacted legislation to regulate the incorporation of International Business Companies and the establishment of investment funds.

The 1.2 Fund has a standard two class share structure, comprising of 100 Management Shares, being voting, non-participating, non-redeemable shares of a par value of US$ 0.01 each and 4,999,900 Participating Shares of US$0.01 par value, each being redeemable, participating, non-voting, initially offered at a value of €1000.

The 1.2 Fund is regulated by the Financial Services Commission, the British Virgin Islands regulator.

The Fund is independently administered by Trident Fund Services, the company provides daily reconciliation of all trading statements automatically forwarded via The Fund's Prime Broker, daily net asset valuations, valuation confirmations to shareholders and administration of subscriptions and redemptions.

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